SHADES aims to gather direct experimental cross section data on the 22Ne(a,n)25Mg reaction over its entire astrophysically relevant energy range. We will construct a neutron detector specifically designed for this measurement. Beam-induced background, a severe problem in the past, will be discriminated by measuring the neutron energy while still maintaining a very high detection efficiency.
The main measurements will be done with the new accelerator LNGS MV, allowing long-term high-intensity, high-energy resolution alpha bombardments. An extended, recirculating gas target will guarantee target stability under intense ion beams. The location of the experiment deep underground will drastically reduce the external background, the main limiting factor so far for low-energy measurements.

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A new paper on 22Ne(α,n)25Mg is out

It’s out on PRC a new paper on 22Ne(ɑ,n)25Mg

Philip Adsley, Umberto Battino, Andreas Best, Antonio Caciolli, Alessandra Guglielmetti, Gianluca Imbriani, Heshani Jayatissa, Marco La Cognata, Livio Lamia, Eliana Masha, Cristian Massimi, Sara Palmerini, Ashley Tattersall, and Raphael Hirschi
Reevaluation of the 22Ne(ɑ,γ)26Mg and 22Ne(ɑ,n)25Mg reaction rates

Andreas and Gianluca contributed to this work , in the framework of the ChETEC COST action, of critical re-evaluation of the literature data on the relevant reactions on 22Ne.

Seminar on neutrons detection deep underground

Andreas is giving a seminar on neutron detection in a deep underground laboratory, specifically on a measurement of the low energy cross section of the 13C(a,n)16O reaction.

The seminar is organized by the Nuclear Astrophysics Group of the Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, and will be held online Thursday 11 June at 5 pm Beijing time (11 am CEST) at the following address (requires client installation)
Meeting ID:302 337 875